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All About Mold: Signs of an Infestation | SERVPRO of Seattle Northeast

12/22/2023 (Permalink)

mold spread out all over home wall We know that home mold can be disastrous. That’s why we have a team of experts who can quickly restore. Call SERVPRO of Seattle Northeast now!

Even just the word mold can send many people reeling. It is an unpleasant part of our reality, and it can become a huge issue in our homes if we are not careful.

Unfortunately, mold infestations are a common complaint in our community, especially during the rainy season when we are surrounded by a lot more moisture on a daily basis.

Knowing what to do if you suspect a mold infestation is crucial to catching it early! The longer mold lingers in your home, the worse the situation can become—and it can even become dangerous for your family.

Do All Homes Have Mold?

You might be surprised to learn that mold is found everywhere, both inside and outside. Mold spores are microscopic and can easily float in and out of your home without much cause for concern. The issues start when these spores find an environment that they like and then settle in to grow and spread.

Mold loves damp and dark environments, which makes places like attics, basements, crawl spaces and water catches around your appliances the perfect breeding grounds for stubborn mold colonies. Once mold spores start to grow and replicate, they can grow into a large colony in as little as 48 hours.

Signs of a Mold Problem

Mold can be any color of the rainbow and can have many different textures, but that doesn’t guarantee that you will discover it right away.

It can linger behind your walls or beneath your floors for a long time before it starts to spread to a visible area. If you start to notice that your walls are looking a little warped or discolored or notice a musty smell whenever you walk by the door to your basement, it may be worth some investigation.

If you do go on the hunt and find a mold colony, don’t panic! Simply step back and call us instead. Some mold types can be dangerous to inhale and disturbing a colony can release spores into the air. We can arrive at your home quickly to identify the type of mold and then get to work taking care of the problem.

Our Mold Remediation Process

After the mold has been identified, we will don any PPE that is necessary and then start containing the area. This includes sealing off the room, shutting vents and temporarily turning off your HVAC system to make sure any airborne spores can’t move around to other spaces. Then we will work on filtering the air and cleaning up the visible mold. We will give the entire area a thorough cleaning and sanitization.

We can also employ our deodorizers if the mold smell is particularly strong. Finally, our team will assess the cleaned area and determine if your home is in need of structural repairs.

The longer mold sits and grows, the higher the chance that your walls or floors sustained damage. We will restore and repair the entire area. Our team will make sure your home is clean and safe to reenter in no time at all!

You should always let a professional team handle a mold infestation. Call SERVPRO of Seattle Northeast right away.